available ferrets for sale


Selling Fees;

  • Under 1-year-old: $250 
  • 1-3 years old: $300 
  • 4-5 years old: $350
  • 6+ years: $100

Most Babies come with a care package of free items like bowls, FN cover sets, beds, hammocks, hanging cubes, toys. Slightly used Ferret/Critter Nation cages are sold at a steep discount for those Buying from Glamour Ferret, subject to availability. Contact us for more info

Our ferrets are fully fixed that is they are descended, fully vaccinated, vet checked, up-to-date on shots litter- box trained, and all in healthy living conditions as well as they are very playful sensitive, and intelligent. we are making sure all this is done since these animals are to serve as pets because of their lovely nature.


Name: Angel
Age: 3 months old
Breed: Mustela, Albino
Color: Dark-eye white
Gender: Female
Weight: 900grams
Price: $250

Adopt Angel


Name: Mowgli
Age: 3 months
Breed: Mustela, cinnamon
Color: Brown
Gender: Female
Weight: 900grams
Price: $250

Adopt Mowgli


Name: Davis
Age: 4 months
Breed: Mustela, mask
Color: Black
Gender: Male
Weight: 800 grams
Price: $250

Adopt Davi


Name: Tina
Age: 3 months
Breed: Mustela
Color: Panda
Gender: Female
Weight: 784gram
Price: $250

Adopt Tina